Patricia Ann Starr, RA LMT - Sarasota Chapter President

Patricia is the Director of the Integrated Healing Arts Wellness Center in Sarasota, FL featuring a spectrum of holistic health services.  


Phone: 941-677-3418

Spiritual Enlightenment

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Joy Pedersen, D.D., L.S.H., C.S.H.C.

Spiritual Warrior, Healer and Coach

Express Success LLC


Phone: 941.220.6245


We help clear your past and change your future helping individuals and their businesses achieve even greater success with more ease. International best-selling author, Dr. Joy Pedersen, is the Founder and President of Express Success LLC. She is a Doctor of Divinity, Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Health Coach and Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner with an international professional clientele. Her private and group work serves primarily business owners helping them identify and solve the cause of their personal and business issues.

Theresa Fieberts

Center for Spiritual Living Cultural Coast


Phone: 941-376-0177


This is a place that celebrates diversity, welcoming all races, religions, sexual orientations and social backgrounds with dignity and respect.​

Our messages, classes, music, and service opportunities are all designed to support the fulfillment of your spiritual path. Here you will find an open-minded community, a spiritual home, inspiring you as you explore a relationship with the God of your understanding.  The Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota provides spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Rev. Jim Toole

Sarasota Center of Light


Phone: 941-953-6620


Sarasota Center of Light is a sanctuary for the exploration and discovery of the awareness, knowing and being of spiritual truth. We have been devoted since 1949 to offering the inspiration and principles of Metaphysical Spirituality as a way of life that empowers individuals to find and express their true Self. We recognize that each individual is on their own unique inner journey and understanding of God. We embrace the teachings of all Master Teachers and are committed to supporting those who seek to connect with their divine nature and experience this inspiration in their daily life. We believe in sharing the healing power of God through Vibrational Healing, and connecting to and communicating with Spirit through Mediumship. The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” is woven into the fabric of our philosophy.